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Getting There and Getting Around in Cincinnati

Whenever we plan a trip, travel and local transport are two very important aspects we consider. If these are not convenient, we not only spend more time but also more money in moving around. Luckily, Cincinnati is easy to get to and easy to get around in. Thanks to the infrastructure of the city, there are multiple ways to get around while you are staying there. If you chose to, you can save a good amount just by walking a bit instead of getting a cab for short distances.

Getting to Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio is well placed and hence very well connected to the rest of USA through five interstate highways and seven US highways. You can use a private car to reach Cincinnati in half a day from most of the cities. You can use Greyhound bus or a low-cost Megabus to reach Cincinnati from nearby states. If you want to use train service, use Amtrak’s Cardinal Line. The train run thrice a week from NY to Chicago and stops at Cincinnati. Business, bedroom and coach seats are available as per your convenience.

Cincinnati airport is not far away from the city and hence it is very convenient to reach Cincinnati by flight.The award-winning airport is actually located in Kentucky and is a hub for Delta Airlines and DHL courier services. It is connected to 37 other airports in the US and there are 170 daily departures. The airport has won Skytrax World Airport Award for the Best Regional Airport in North America. The connectivity is very good and you can find ample flights from your city to Cincinnati with one to two hours of flight time.

Getting Around in the Most Walkable City in Ohio

Cincinnati is the most walkable city in Ohio and you can see for yourself on the streets. Most people in Cincinnati either walk or ride a bike for daily commute as well. You can easily get a bike and will find ample space to park it, everywhere you go. There are many bike trails surrounded by nature which can be used for a pleasurable ride. You can use red bike because it has 50 outlets in Cincinnati and is very reasonable.

The city has pathways, trails and 400 sets of stairs which are called Steps of Cincinnati. Being a city of hills, steps are very convenient for pedestrians to connect to neighborhoods. Not only that, using the steps also brings out the natural beauty of the city as you get scenic views of the city from the top.  Other than this, mostly private vehicles are used even though buses are also available.

You can also use Cincinnati Bell Connector which is a steer car, metro or tank based on your convenience. Taxi service is also available for those who prefer not to walk or wait for a bus. When you plan a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, you need not worry about the travel expenses. There are multiple inexpensive methods to travel in and around the city.  If you are fit enough to walk, climb and ride a bicycle, most of your movement is covered.


Get to Cincinnati, Get Outdoors

If you are craving for some sunshine, Cincinnati can be a great choice for a vacation. There are parks, biking trails and sports activities that can keep you physically occupied and even exhausted. There are a lot of options in Cincinnati to explore and have fun in open air.

Public Parks and Nature Centers

There are many public parks in Cincinnati that cover as much as 10% of the land and hence are conveniently accessible to all citizens. Mostly all parks have shelters and picnic areas, playgrounds, pathways and nature centers. Ault park is one of the premier ones with extra features and hosts July 4th celebrations, private parties and weddings etc.SmaleRiverfront parkhas enough things to do for one full day. It looks beautiful even at night.

Mt. Airy Forest is the biggest park of Cincinnati spread across 1500 acres. It has hiking and horse riding trails that stretch up to miles. It has provisions for camping, picnic, barbeque and forest lodges too. It also provides wheelchair access to its tree house and has an enclosed dog park for your pets. Mt. Airy has the most beautiful plants and trees that are blossoming with fruits and flowers. There are provisions to conduct weddings too because of its beautiful view.

There are five nature centers in Cincinnati, each with its unique offering to the flora and fauna of Cincinnati area. You can learn about plants, flowers, animals, birds, fishes and butterflies through amenities Museum, fishing lake, nature library etc. Many areas in these centers are wheel chair friendly and offer full access to students having mobility issues. Anyone having interest in nature and history of Cincinnati, can spend a lot of time in researching and educating oneself through these nature centers.

Sawyer Point Park &Yeatman’s Cove

Cincinnati owes a lot to the Ohio river on whose banks it is developed. It has a flood column and there is a golden arc at the top of the flood column. There are four pairs of smokestacks along with a canal, Cincinnati arch and seven hills. A stairway is made in the form of a serpent and the source of Ohio river is at the top of these stairs.

Hiking and Bike Trails

Cincinnati is pedestrian friendly and there are enough trails for biking too. Ohio river trail is 23 miles long and connect many important places in Cincinnati. Many tourists as well as locals use bicycles for commute because it is healthy, environment-friendly and economical. Groundwork Cincinnati is a non-profit that supports biking to using any other mode of transport. Queen City-South Mill Creek Greenway Trail is mostly taken care by this organization. Little Miami Scenic Trail is 76 miles long and runs across five counties.

You can take helicopter tours of the city through Stratus Helicopters. They also offer helicopter flight lessons for those who are deeply interested.There are plenty of options for those who love baseball, football, hockey and tennis to play and watch in Cincinnati. If you love to stay outdoors, Cincinnati is a great place to be.


Explore New Cultures at Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a multicultural society and there are many ethnic stores in the city to prove it. You can include a trip to these stores to learn more about different cultures of the world and even exploreinternational foods. There are many joints in Cincinnati where you can try different dishes to please your taste buds but this will be a very unique experience at a much lower price.

El Porvenir Mexican Grocery

If you happen to be on the east side of Cincinnati, make sure you peep in to El Porvenir Mexican Grocery store. This place is a heaven for those with a sweet tooth offering a wide variety of Mexican pastries and piñatasthat do not fail to catch your eye. This is a perfect place for those looking for good Mexican cheese and meats already cut, seasoned and ready for preparing Mexican delicacies.

La Mexicana

Whether you love to cook or simply love to eat, La Mexicana is for you. This place is called Tristate’s first real taqueria and it has been a milestone in the Mexican food scene of Cincinnati. Those living in the west side of the city can shop for groceries at the grocery store or simply enjoy a hearty Mexican meal at the attached restaurant.

Marina’s Deli

Moving towards eastern Europe, a huge variety of European items have been served in Cincinnati by Marina and Pavel Davidovich since more than 12 years. The store located in Symmes Township is the largest of its kind in the three states. Be it wine, cheese, desserts, rye bread, sausages, salamis, pelmeni and perogies – you can have them all right there in Cincinnati. This Deli also has Russian newspapers and dvds.

Dean’s Mediterranean Imports

A trip to Findlay Market is incomplete without visiting Dean’s. If you don’t mind a little crowd on a weekend morning, this place will give you all you need. It not only has homemade hummus and tabouli but also keeps at least 15 different types of olives for you to choose from. Grains and nuts are also available at this store along with tea, coffee, pepper and a variety of olive oils to fit every pocket. Cheese, breads and yogurts can be found in the back refrigerated section of the store.

Saigon Market

If Asian spices and beauty products interest you, Saigon market is the place to find them. Imported from east Asian countries, these products are available for very cheap. The store is running from 1976 and is owned by a single family. It sources Asian utensils and few ready to use curry pastes, fresh ginger root, basil, garlic, rice and noodles.

Deep’s Indian Store

This market is full of Indian staples, spices, pre-cooked meals and Bollywood DVDs.  Ready to eat snacks like Naan and Samosa are a must try for a mix of flavors in your mouth. Other things to shop for are teas, incense and Indian traditional dress- Sari. With the famous Indian restaurant-Amol in its vicinity, there are enough reasons to get inspired and learn more about Indian cooking.


Cincinnati – Must-Try Foods and Where to Find Them

If you are visiting Cincinnati, Ohio, you must know that it serves some of the world’s best dishes that are not available anywhere else in this world.Here are some irreplaceable, must-try food items from Cincinnati and where to find them.

Hudepohl Lager at Arnold’s Bar & Grill

Established in 1861, Arnold’s is a straightforward place to get beer, liquor and classic American food. On most nights, there is live music playing in the courtyard to uplift your mood. This place was once an apartment and an old bath tub is prominently placed in the bar to remind you of that. If you prefer your drink in peace, then drop-in during day-time and you would love the ambience. Anyone who visits must try Hudepohl lager because the famousHudepohl Brewing Company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Another must-try dish from Arnold’s is Blueberry chicken which is unique in its own ways.

Three-Way at Skyline Chili

One can’t leave Cincinnati, Ohio without having its special Chili that smells of nutmeg, chocolate and cinnamon. The best place to enjoy Cincinnati special chili is Skyline Chili in Clifton Gaslight District. Since, it is a chain and is available at many other locations, this one has most recommendations. As you enter admiring the Rookwood Pottery sign and can admire the Dutch Colonial architecture while you wait to be served. It has such wonderful ambience and it is open till 4am.The must-try dish here is ‘Three-Way’chili with heaps of spaghetti, chili and cheddar cheese. As you walk out, don’t miss the Peppermint Patties available at the register.

Several delicacies at Findlay Market

Cincinnati has a German as well as African-American heritage and Findlay market is the best place to witness real Cincinnati. This market was established in 1855 in Over-The-Rhine and has stands owned by families and are managed generation after generation since then. As you move past the very German meat counters, look for local Christian Moerlein ale or check out English muffin at Blue Bakery. During the warmer months, farmers from nearby states gather at this public market on weekends to sell fresh produce. You must not miss Eli’s BBQ, that sells the best pork sandwiches at very reasonable prices.

Glamourous Dinner at Orchids, Palm Court

If you like to have it grand, Orchids at Palm Court is a place you can’t miss. It might burn a hole in your pocket, but it will be worth it. Its French Art Deco architecture creates a rich and glamourous ambience, this will be a dinner you might remember for years to come. Be it the bone china, the murals on the ceiling, the rosewood walls or the metalwork, it adds to the richness of the place. You can order New Zealand venison and choose from a wide variety of mouthwatering desserts.

Malt at UDF

This is another one of the low-cost but unique must-try options in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is no dearth of ice-cream parlors in Cincinnati, but United Dairy Farmers (UDF) have their own variety. If you are looking for something old style, less processed and awesomely tasty, visit any of the UDF outlets (The one at Mount Adams has the best view)

There is a lot more to explore in Cincinnati owing to its German roots. Wish all foodies reading this good luck to find their way to the tastiest foods in Cincinnati.


Cincinnati Murals and Lighting – A Treat for Your Eyes

Cincinnati has a rich cultural heritage and it is depicted in mural paintings all over the city.  Winter is a great time to visit Cincinnati because the city lights up beautifully during Christmas holidays. Though there are more than 100 places where murals are done to make the place look aesthetically appealing, there are some places that one must visit if in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can easily walk past these murals without any help and ArtWorks Cincinnati also offers two guided tours to support.

  • Near Kroger supermarket headquarters, fresh harvest is drawn which seems to fall out of the wall demonstrating excellent dramatic effects of lighting.
  • Another one at walnut street shows residents looking down from their windows exclaiming ‘What’s going on’
  • In Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, famous politicianMr. Jim Tarbell is drawn welcoming everyone to Cincinnati by tippinghis hat
  • Depicting the importance of conservation of species, Martha the Last Passenger Pigeon is drawn flying over the Cincinnati zoo. This is not an original painting but is reproduced form of a painting by by John A. Ruthven.
  • Charley Harper’s Homecoming Blue Birds at court street is very popular
  • The Singing Mural at Central Parkway is an indication of the rich arts and musical history of Cincinnati
  • Close to the Great American Ball Park, The Cobbler’s Apprentice by Frank Duveneck is drawn holding a baseball bat
  • Other murals to look out for are – Tom Wesselmann Still Life, Cincinnati’s Table on the wall of famous Jean-Robert’s Table restaurant and Ice Cream Daydream that stands out and makes your mouth water instantly.

Cincinnati loves lights and there are innumerable places where you can enjoy light festivals and decorations. Here are a few noteworthy places to visit for watching lights without spending a lot of money on the entertainment. Most options do not require you to leave the comfort of your vehicle which makes it a very suitable choice on a cold winter night.

Coney Island offers a 2-mile ride that you can enjoy from the warmth of your own car. The lights are in sync with your choice of holiday music and the display is available from November 11, 2016 to January 1, 2017. Similar drive through display is available at Sharon Woods from November 18, 2016 to January 2, 2017. While Coney Island displays trees, canes and other objects, Sharon Woods is more Christmas character themed with animals, Santa and his elves.Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is flooded with lights and lasers from November 18, 2016 to January 3, 2017. Other places you can visit are Cincinnati Zoo and Newport on the Levee for a variety of light displays.

Fountain square is a picturesque site and Macy’s downtown dazzle on Saturdays makes it even more interesting place to visit. There are fireworks and lighting effects along with local music performances. Available only from November 26 to December 10, 2016. Creation Museum runs a Christmas special star planetarium show during this time from December 16th to December 30th, 2016.


Cincinnati – City of Arts and Attractions

Your trip to Cincinnati, Ohio could be a romantic couple holiday or a family vacation but it will be an educational one. You can go around visiting art galleries, museums, theatres or visit science museums, conservatory, observatory or amusement park as per your preferences.

Cincinnati has the oldest art museums in America that is flooded with artists and art lovers throughout the year. It has more than 65,000 works from last 6 centuries and includes works by great European artists. It offers different activities and events for kids and adults many of which are free of cost.

The Taft museum of art is actually an old house built in Greek revival style that was donated by the Tafts who were great lovers of art in 1927. It hosts art works from American as well as European artists. The activities here include walking tours, live music, gallery talks and afternoon presentations by local artists from time to time.

Cincinnati is also a hub of performing arts and there are many theatres that preserve the traditional forms of art including theater, visual art, dance, drama, film and poetry. Cincinnati Music Hall, located in Over-the-Rhine area, is a beautiful building built in 1878 and is known for hosting a number of concerts over the decades. It also hosts the May Festival along with the Cincinnati Ballet, the Cincinnati Opera, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.

If you happen to be there at the right time, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival should not be missed.  It is celebrated in collaboration by multiple artists and groups and is produced by the Know Theater of Cincinnati.

Places like Fountain Square, Eden Park and John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge are themselves great work of art and one can spend a lot of time around them, enjoying the ambience. The Cincinnati Observatory is a National Historic Landmark and caters to 21st century astronomy and science. Formerly known as Eden Park Greenhouse, the Krohn Conservatory has around 3,500 plant species to look and learn about. If you are there, make sure you do not miss the international butterfly show.

The Duke Energy Children’s Museum is ideal for preschoolers and if you are travelling with kids, it will give them enough activity to have a good night’s sleep later. Baseball lovers can find some interesting information at Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum and also click some cool pictures. Museum of Natural History & Science is great for learners and explorers, irrespective of age. The American Sign Museum showcases signage from the past and also displays the art of sign making.

While the kids and kids at heart enjoy at Coney Island Amusement Park rides, others can enjoy the scenic view of the Ohio river. Many festivals are also organized in this area, you might be able to catch one of them based on the time of visit. Your trip to Cincinnati cannot be complete without visiting the Cincinnati zoo that is spread over 65 acres and houses more than 2000 animals. The zoo is 140 years old and is well-known for its breeding programs.



  1. What is there to do in Cincinnati?

The beautiful and vibrant city is situated in the heart of Ohio State, US. The location of the city is extremely scenic and full of attractions. As far as the amusing things are concerned, the choice is completely in your hands. There is an endless selection of different events and attractions available. The variety ranges from the fabulous amusement parks to professional sports activities. You can also choose from the different museums and 5-star dining with global appeal. Whatever your schedule and budget are, there is something waiting for you to make your travel unforgettable and mesmerizing.

  1. What is the best time to travel to Cincinnati, Ohio?

Well, the place is tremendously beautiful. So, you can travel any time all year. But, to capture the attractions at their best, there are specific seasons for everything. For Example, you can beat the heat when sports activities are at their highest point during the summer. You can enjoy the baseball games of the local team Cincinnati Reds at the most popular park, The Great American Ball Park. The lovely park is situated on the riverfront and then turn next door to the Smale Riverfront Park.

You can also fill your life with the natural colors by viewing theincredible foliage. The entire view is just breathtaking from the fabulous BB Riverboats cruise. The best time to view all these fabulous views is late September and the beginning of the October. You canmake your holidays more memorable by visiting the famous Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. For this place, December is the most appropriate time.

  1. Is this city is famous for any specific foods?

Yes ofcourse!Like other places, this gorgeous city is also popular for the food. There are lots of unique flavors available. The range includes Goetta, Cincinnati style chili, barbecue sauces and most popular French pot icecream. Even, the city is considered as the finest place to enjoy comfort food.The city is the fastest growing destination for foodies.

The city has countless options for dining. Due to the effective renewal of food-chain stores and restaurants, there are a plenty of options available to kill your hunger.You can enjoy both affordable and high-class dining in this city.

  1. What are the best shopper points in Cincinnati?

Well, it is all your choice because the stylish city also offers the same trends to you. Whether you are searching affordable deals on popular brands or antique pieces or you want something authentic Cincinnati, the city has everything for you. You can start for the day and walk around at the local outlet stores, boutiques and shopping centers. If you are a Shopaholic, you can even explore more. There is an assurance and it is you won’t go house empty-handed.

Findlay Market is the oldest and most cherished market in the entire state. To buy handmade stuff, the place has been the just right. Liberty Center is another good option to enjoy the complete package of shopping, relaxing, food and entertainment. There are many retailers available, including H&M, Old Navy,Hollister, Buckle and lots more. Over and all, you can feel the best shopping experience here in Cincinnati.


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Hey there! If you are wondering, if Cincinnati is the place to go, please take a while for a quick “rollercoaster” by reading about its attractions below. Cincinnati, originally Losantiville ( meaning “opposite of the mouth of the river”), is a city beautifully placed by the Ohio river in the south-west side of the Ohio state in the U.S.A. and it has much to offer to its visitors.

If you are hungry for a good breakfast, it is always a good idea to visit Sugar N’ Spice, a place with tradition, that lasted for more than 70 years and not without a good reasons.

If you already read The Cincinnati Enquirer, the noon has become a past or you simply want to eat something tasty, you should definitely go to the Findlay Market, Jungle Jim’s International Market. If you like chilli, try Price Hill Chili, Skyline or Gold Star. Gourment pizza is Dewey’s domain and you can taste wide variety of grilled cheese at Tom + Chee.For the desserts it is always a good idea to go to the Greater’s – best ice cream in The Queen City.

For those, who like beer it is good to know that Oktoberfest Zinzinnati takes place in Cinci and that there are various local breweries like Christian Moerlein, Hudepohl and Carmel Brewing Company. You can also take one of Cincinnati’s Original Brewery Tours into the underground places of the breweries.

There are many pubs in Cinci, open with all their goods, among more known are the Nicholson’s Tavern & Pub, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant and Taft’s Ale House.

If you like Halloween, visit Cinci with your best outfit for the Run Like Hell event – the massive Halloween event, after which you may count on a good after party.

The sports events play important role in Cinci. The opening day for the Cincinnati Reds plays important role in the city’s culture. You can also come to see the ATP/WTA tennis tournament, Kentucky Speedway, Cincinnati Roller Girls, Bengals and Cyclones.

Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the oldest art museums in the U.S.A. (founded in 1881). Just to name few cultural locations: Cincinnati Opera placed in Cincinnati Music Hall, Aronoff Center, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and, last but not least, Cincinnati Museum Center.

If you would like some more cultural experiences then it is good to know that there is Playhouse in the Park theatre, located in Eden Park, comprising Robert S. Marx Theatre and Thompson Shelterhouse. There is also the Esquire Theatre, where you can see the latest independent features or midnight showings.Fans of The Ides of March, Traffic and Rain Man movies will recognize various places of Cinci, a place that had Jerry Springer as its mayor.

After reading all the above you see that Cincinnati has much to offer. If you got interested, then if you get close to Ohio, come visit Cinci and enjoy.