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Cincinnati, Ohio – A Travel Guide

Awarded with the titles like “Queen City” and “Pearl of the West,” Cincinnati is located in the north of the Ohio River and is surrounded by the hills on either side. Though the city has gained much fame as the industrial area, the rich history and culture still have been kept alive.

There are so many things one can do and places one can visit that it calls for the ideal vacation. So, if you are making your plans to visit the capital city of the Ohio state, then here are a few things and places you must do without a miss.

  • Cincinnati Museum Center

Themed around the railroad station, The Cincinnati Union Terminal has been taken by the Cincinnati Museum center from the year 1990. The museum center also features three more museums, and those are Cincinnati History Museum and Museum of Natural History, and Science. Near the center is located an OMNIMAX Theater. Visitors from everywhere make this place and attraction as the foremost destination.

  • Music Hall

The Music hall was decorated in the year 1878 and sets the example of the best architecture in the city. The front of the building has one curved entrance and is bordered with the two square towers. Inside the hall, there is the Springer Auditorium that hosts the ballet, opera and other musical performances of the city. The hall is spacious enough to give provide aseat for 3500 people and two balconies in the hall add the more beauty and to explore more in detail, visiting the music hall would be the best way.

  • Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the country and is known for having animals and plants from all over the world. Though the zoo has more than hundreds of different species of plants and animals, it gained popularity for featuring White Bengal Tigers and Gorillas. It also has one of the best insectariums in the world. Apart from this, the zoo offers many rides and 4D Theater.

  • Cincinnati Art Museum

Giving place to many renowned artworks in adifferent form from all over the world, Cincinnati Art Museum is that one place one should never miss out. It has featured some of the best works from different civilizations like ceramics, sculptures, picture along with national and international displays. The best part of the museum is the American and European sculptures and paintings.

  • Fountain Square

Fountain Square is the main attraction of the entire city as all the important, and diverse types of events take place here. It had the modern tower blocks and was built in the year 1871. If you are fond of live events, concerts and anything similar, this place is made just for you. Hit the place anytime, and chances are there that you will be a part of one live event.

The list, of course, doesn’t end here and there are more that you can explore about Cincinnati and you surely will love it.

10 Reasons Why One Should Visit Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati serves as the capital city for the state of Ohio. The city is bustling with fun and excitement, and there are many things that call for the best vacation to be spent here. For many, when they hear the name “Cincinnati,” the image of baseball, chili, and the sitcom of WKRP cross the mind, but there are a lot of things that are being covered with all these hyped images.

Today, we will trace those 10 reasons that call for the ideal vacation, and that makes one visit Cincinnati. If you are online-oriented person you need to understand that we couldn’t forget about these helpful tips about how to avoid fake schools of driving in Cincinnati!

  • Findlay Market

Perhaps the most undervalued features of Cincinnati, the Findlay market, in every mean, are the best thing and major reason to visit this city. Just name any fruit, pasta, vegetables, fish, bread and any food item; you will get here in the Findlay market. Added with this, the ambiance here is the best one can enjoy.

  • Theatre

If you are a worshipper of art, then Cincinnati is the place just for you. There are a few theaters that are known for showing flawless shows. Take out time and visit “Playhouse in the Park” located at Mt. Adams and not to miss The “Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.”

  • Food, food, and food

If you are a food obsessed soul, then Cincinnati is the true heaven for you. The food served here has the taste you must not have tasted all your life. Local people here have grown up eating at the bakeries known for their amazing servings like LaRosa’s, Chili, and Montgonemy inn.

  • Breweries

The local breweries are another amazing feature of the city. If you are visiting Cincinnati, then do not forget to taste authentic breweries like Fifty West, Mt. Carmel, Listermann, and Rivertown.

  • Sports

Cincinnati is the home to one of theoldest baseball team, professional football teams, hockey teams, and others. To sum up all, the city is known for keeping the values of sports and has a lot of stadiums and organizes many games annually.

  • Music

Cincinnati is the place where one can enjoy several music events every now and then. Many small and big artists keep on performing here at times and offer people enjoy music at the best level. Fountain Square is the place where themusic never goes off the scene.

  • Arts

The city has given a lot of importance to the arts. One can enjoy every sort of art being performed here, right from the ballet to opera. There are museums that offer different types of artifacts, and you must visit Cincinnati Art Museum and National Underground Railroad Center.

  • Zoo

Cincinnati has the second oldest zoo in the country and keeping up with its reputation; it has features hundreds of different species of plants and animals.

  • Parks

There are many parks and theme parks located in the city and you must Adult Park, Washington Park, and Eden Park.

  • Kings Island

Kings island is one of the important attraction of the city, and there are much you can do like roller coasters, different rides, lodges, and what not.

These 10 reasons are enough to make one visit Cincinnati.

Good Times for the Entire Family in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio is a good holiday destination for the entire family including kids. There are enough activities in the city to keep the entire family occupied and entertained. Here is a list of attractions that you must include in your trip if you are travelling with your kids.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

It is not just the children but the adults also who enjoy watching different species on animals and birds at one place. Animal species from around the world are housed in the second oldest zoo of America which is Cincinnati Zoo. The animals here are well trained and are very friendly, one could spend hours watching them play or feeding them. The zoo is spread over 65000 acres and you are sure to have a fun time here.

Coney Island

Coney Island amusement park is one of the most fun places in Cincinnati, especially for the kids. There are some unique rides like Tilt-a-Whirl and Wipe Out Thrill ride which should not be missed. There is a huge recirculation pool called the Sunlite Pool, an arcade and bungee jumping which are the most popular attractions here. Kids and adults find it hard to decide what ride they like best and want to visit again and again.

EnterTRAINment Junction

While a trip to Disneyland would require more time and money, EnterTRAINment Junction can be an interesting destination for some time out with family. Trains run on tracks that are two miles long, stopping and various stations for you to check out the history of railway system the U.S. There are shows kids can watch and learn more about the various eras of locomotives.

Kings Island

There is another amusement park at Kings Island and it is really big. This amusement park is more popular and is accompanied by a huge waterpark called Soak City. Amusement Today has ranked “Planet Snoopy’ to be the Best Kids Area year after year since last 12 years. Apart from the amazing rides, there is pizza and ice cream which the kids love here.

Newport Aquarium

We get to see quiet aquariums everywhere with small colorful fish swimming in them. Newport Aquarium houses sharks that can be met in Shark Central. Not only that, it also has a rope bridge over an open shark tank which is completely safe but quite an adventure to cross. If you want to make friends with one of the biggest alligators, do visit Gator Alley.

Duke Energy Children’s Museum at Cincinnati Museum Center

There are very few children’s museums in the country and Cincinnati, Ohio has one of them. Young children often get bored by looking around and need some activity to keep them engaged. This place has sufficient activities to keep them physically engaged while learning new things all the time. This museum has two sections that are dedicated to pre-school kids so if you have a family member from that age group, Duke Energy Museum becomes a must-visit attraction in Cincinnati.

The attractions you choose to include in your trip would largely be determined by the interest of your kids and other members that join the trip. Beach waterpark, Behringer-Crawford Museum, Science museum, art, music and sports related attractions are all available in Cincinnati.

Spectacular Views at Cincinnati

Cincinnati is one of the most picturesque cities in US owing to its architecture, mural paintings or simply the natural scenic views. There are many places where you can spend your time and money in Cincinnati and here are some suggestions for places to visit if you want to have some memorable views and photos.

Eden Park

Cincinnati is a city full of parks and Eden Park is one of the biggest parks with most facilities. It encompasses the Art Museum, Krohn conservatory, Mirror Lake, Bettman Fountain and many more noteworthy attractions. It offers great view to the Ohio river along with the Twin lakes and a footbridge. The park has gazebos, picnic areas, paths and tree groves and a 172 feet high water tower which contribute to a great fun filled day and an amazing view.

Devou Park

Behringer-Crawford Museum is an interesting place to visit, especially if you are with kids and Devou Park can be enjoyed later. It has sufficient area for the kids to play and offers beautiful view of the city irrespective of where you are in the park. It has picnic and fishing facilities, a special scenic overlook area, theatre and symphony sections, tennis court and golf course. What more can you ask for from a park?

Incline Public House

If you love food and heights, this is the place where you can have both. The city view is always spectacular from a height and there is a variety of drinks and food to choose from while you enjoy the view. They have a brick oven and serve the best pizzas, sandwiches, fresh fruit juices, alcoholic drinks from local breweries and few other cocktails and wines. The Ohio river and Cincinnati Downtown both are visible from their deck of 1400 square feet.

Carew Tower Observation Deck

Wouldn’t you want to shop in a building that is also a National Historic Landmark? Yes, the Carew Tower Observation Deck is the best place in Cincinnati where you can shop to your heart’s content and enjoy great views at the same place. There are 49 floors in this building that was built in 1930 and hosts more than 25 stores to shop from in addition to restaurants and souvenir shop. The observation deck has a ticket of $4 and do check the timings on the day you visit.

Purple People Bridge

When you are tired after a day of walking around Cincinnati, Purple People Bridge is the perfect place to sit down and watch the sunset from top of the Ohio river. The bridge came into existence in 1872 and got its name from the purple paint coating on it. It used to allow other vehicles earlier and became accessible only to pedestrians from 2003. It acts a s a link between two states and is one of its kinds.

It is a convenient option to simply walk across the bridge to visit Newport on the Levee, Hofbrauhaus Sawyer Point, Montgomery Inn Boathouse BB Riverboats and Cincinnati Reds games.

Overall, Cincinnati is an aesthetically pleasing city, you get to see beauty everywhere you go. Some places are so amazing that you would want to visit them again and again.