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About CiN Weekly

Cover #1Back in October 2003, The Cincinnati Enquirer launched CiN Weekly, a free, full-color publication aimed at reaching adults in their 20s and 30s. To ensure that CiN Weekly hit its mark, we conducted intensive research to fi nd out what information this group wants from a weekly magazine.

We found out the people in our targeted demographic want to know what’s happening in their neighborhoods and around the city. They want tips on what restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to check out. They want fun ideas on how and where to spend their free time. And they want to read about the core issues that affect them -- everything from switching careers to buying a first home.

Based on our initial findings and ongoing feedback, CiN Weekly’s mission is to connect people in their 20s and 30s to their community and each other. Judging from formal reader focus groups -- and the many positive calls and letters we frequently receive -- we’re doing exactly that.

By delivering content that’s both informative and entertaining, CiN Weekly has established itself as a recognized product and brand that young professionals value. Whether they’re picking up the print issue or browsing CiNWeekly.Com, readers appreciate what we offer:

CiN Weekly is definitely a weekly addiction. I often go out of my way to pick up a copy.” -- Jessica

“I must confess that I am obsessed with CiN Weekly. Everything from the recipes to the restaurant reviews to the quizzes to the cover stories (which are always creative) to the goings-on in town every week makes my Wednesday more special when I go to Kroger to pick up my CiN.” -- Rachel

“I love reading CiN Weekly! It keeps me up on what’s going on in and around Cincinnati and helps me plan my weekends.” -- Pete

We’ve made a strong connection with members of this community and we continue to build upon those relationships with each issue. We hope you’ll utilize CiN Weekly to promote your business or service to young professionals throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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